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Welcome to the official website of ICSDM 2015, the First International Conference for Sustainable Development and Management (ICSDM). ICSDM 2015 covers a board range of themes on sustainable development and management, including social and economic issues of sustainability, sustainable and renewable energy, environmental sustainability, solid waste and wastewater management, sustainable architecture and civil engineering,sustainable construction management and economics, sustainable urban planning and development, computing for sustainabilityand public private partnerships toward sustainable development and management.ICSDM 2015 will encourage international collaboration by providing a platform to share views and experiences, learn the current state of the art, examine the challenges, exchange ideas and find effective solutions to problems of common interests in development and management.


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Call for Mini-Symposia

Organizing a Mini-Symposium

To ensure ICSDM 2015 a big success, mini-symposia are invited to this conference. Participants interested in organizing a mini-symposium please submit a proposal to the conference organizers by email at icsdm2015@iasdm.org as soon as possible. A prospective mini-symposium organizer should consider the following points prior to submitting the proposal:

  1. A mini-symposium is composed of at least two sessions on a timely topic of substantial interest and importance.
  2. There are normallyfour presentations in a single session.
  3. Speakers should be selected primarily for their recent contributions to the topic of the symposium and they should be as representative of researchers in the topic as possible.
  4. A mini-symposium organizer may speak as part of the mini-symposium that he/she is organizing.
  5. A mini-symposium organizer must notify his/her speakers and session chairs beforehand and confirm their participation before submitting a proposal.

Preparing a Proposal

A Mini-Symposium Organizer should provide the following information:

Title: Describe the subject of the mini-symposium as accurately and specifically as possible in no more than 15 words.

Organizer: Provide the full name, title, affiliation, address, email address, telephone number, and fax number.

Abstract: Describe the mini-symposium in no more than 100 words describing the scope of the mini-symposium, stating the importance of the topic, indicating the problems to be addressed, and identifying the directions of research and methods being developed to solve problems. The abstract should be informative for each presentation and underpin the central theme of the symposium.

Speakers: Provide the full name, title, affiliation, address, and email of each speaker and the title of the presentation. In particular, titles of individual speakers should be chosen carefully. Although a speaker can revise the title later, it is important to select an appropriate title and have the topic of the presentation stated clearly. Speakers will be asked to submit their own abstracts later.

Submitting the Proposal

A mini-symposium containing the above information as part of ICSDM 2015 should be sent to the conference scientific secretariat via email at icsdm2015@iasdm.org as soon as possible. Please mention “ICSDM 2015 Mini-Symposium Proposal” in the subject of the email.

Paper Publication

There are two publication options for papers submitted to ICSDM 2015:

Option 1: All accepted abstracts and full papers will be published in the ICSDM 2015 proceedings both in print and online with a unique DOI number. Please note that the length of a full paper is limited to 4 pages.

Option 2: Best papers of ICSDM2015 will be invited to further improve and extend with more details for possible publication in the International Journal of Architecture, Engineering and Construction – IJAEC [ISSN 1911-110X (print) and ISSN 1911-1118 (online)]. Papers published in IJAEC are indexed by CrossRef and DOI and will be submitted to Thomson ISI for review and indexing.

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